Apr 232008
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You will be pleased to know that the hardworking men and women in the Florida State Senate have now protected you from one of the greatest threats to civilization as we know it…the bull testicles hung from trailer hitches….oh, and it appears to also mean Calvin whizzing on the Ford/Chevy/etc. logo. I’m wondering about all the truckers who will have to remove their mud flaps with the chrome women on them when they cross the state line.

bullballs_sign.pngAnd speaking of crossing the state line…you know Florida thrives on out of state visitors. I wonder what the sign will look like we will have to put up on every road at the state line?

The bill, which needs House approval, states:

Whoever willfully displays on a vehicle an obscene word, image, or device, including, but not limited to reproductive glands, commits a noncriminal traffic violation punishable as a moving violation.

I feel so much safer now. I’ve already unlocked the doors to the house and thrown away the keys, and I’m sure my job and mortgage are now secure.

I contacted my Senator’s office and expressed my disdain. I explained to the very nice lady on the phone that if the Senator would get legislation passed exempting me from paying taxes, I’d agree to let them waste their time on whatever they wanted, but so long as their time is paid for by me…I won’t tolerate the stupidity. She responded by saying the Senator had the same concerns, but I pointed out that he voted in favor of the bill. She tried to explain that it was just part of the overall highway appropriations bill. I explained that you continue to vote NO on bills that have stupid and idiotic and unconstitutional clauses in them. In other words, you vote NO until all the bull balls are removed from the legislation.

Sen. Carey Baker, R-Eustis, sparked the Florida discussion. Maybe everyone that values freedom of expression (even distasteful expression) should send him a set of balls. We have only two signs of intelligence in the Florida Senate apparently, Sens. Bill Posey, R-Rockledge, and Frederica Wilson, D-Miami opposed the bill.

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