Apr 052008

Shots Fired Over Man-Woman Arrested for Child Neglect
In Largo last night, 29 year old Reshonda Smith was charged with one count of attempted murder after she fired at Twanishia Woffard, also 29. Apparently they were fighting over a man at the apartment complex where Woffard lives. Two hours after arresting Smith, Police discovered she had left her four children, ages 1 month to 7 years, home alone while she went out on her mistress hunt. You can read it all here.

Can the Kitchen Sink be Far Behind
Unfortunately for Brent Small, after breaking into a vacant house on Beach Street, a neighbor caught him on the front porch with a hand truck trying to get away with the Kenmore stove from the house. He ran up the street to his son’s house, where the police found him hiding in the closet. While he didn’t answer the police’s question about what he was going to do with the stove, he said he’d smoked crack earlier in the day, and when he did that, he, “makes bad decisions.” Ya think!

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