May 302008

According to an article on the Scientific American website, Colorado State University and the National Weather Service are in pretty close agreement on their predictions for this year’s hurricane season. The season starts this Sunday and ends on November 30. They are calling for a very active season again this year.

There is concern here in Florida that we may not be as well prepared as we should be. The predictions for the past two years have been for active seasons, and both were relatively quiet. Also, because of the budget crisis, there’s not tax holiday for hurricane supplies this year. This has caused a sense that people aren’t paying enough attention to the start of the season. 

We have a water cooler and I have five 5gal bottles I keep full. I need to service the generator. We have batteries, and this weekend I’m going to put new batteries in all the flashlights. They all seem to be getting weak at the same time. I hope I’m wrong, but I have a sense we’re due. It was just too quiet last year.

The two organizations are predicting about sixteen named storms with eleven becoming hurricanes, and five of those turning into major storms. We are certainly some severe weather patterns over the US so far this year, so nothing will surprise me.

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