May 122008

A while back John Stemberger, leader of the Anti-Gay Amendment 2 group here in Florida, was quoted in an Orlando Sentinal article discussing those opposed to Amendment 2 saying, “We’re going to confront deception and we’re going to expose them wherever they are.” Strong words, until one has to eat them.

It seems Stemberger’s been going around the state debating opponents of Amendment 2, and stating it is absolutely false that there is any intent to take away domestic partner benefits. You can listen to the dishonest claims here.

So what makes his claims dishonest? Well fellow professional homophobe (and recovering porn addict) David Caton of The Florida Family Association is already going around the state to the local governments that offer domestic partner benefits and making public records requests related to those benefits.

According to an article in the Tampa Tribune, Caton said he and some sister organizations are looking for a domestic partnership benefit program to challenge, either politically or legally.

In the past, Caton has taken on ClearChannel and Howard Stern. His preferred method of attack was to send out fliers naming the local advertisers. He frequently listed the home addresses of the business owners for those that might be interested in getting in contact “directly.”

Since Mr. Caton thinks that practice if fine, a public records search of Hillsborough County Tax Appraisers records finds that a David E. and Racheal Caton own a home at:
10020 Oxford Chapel Road
Tampa, FL 33647-2870

A social networking site lists Caton’s wife as Rachael, and this is the same zip code as that for the post office box for Florida Family Association. The phone listed for David E. Caton has been changed to an unpublished number, but if one calls the number for Florida Family Association, and you punch the number for David Caton, his outbound message lists his cell phone as (813) 690-4829.

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