May 242008

It’s hard to believe, but Deep Sand debuted on May 24, 2004. I can’t believe I’ve maintained this blog for that long. Lot’s of blogs out there have been abandoned over the past four years.

We’ve gone through a couple of site redesigns, and we’ve tried to keep up-t0-date with the software versions and enhancements. I’ve learned a lot about PHP and the open source world through all this and we’ve written about a lot things over those four years.  

I went back to look at the first posts I added. Of course the first post was an introductory (Hello World) kind of post. The first real post was a story about a visit to New York City, and the observations I had about differences in lifestyle. 

Of course 2004 was an election year, so there was plenty to write about then, and the politicians have continued providing uninterrupted fodder every since. Now here we are in another presidential election cycle, combined with the expected anti-gay marriage amendment on the Florida ballot. 

I’ve tried to keep you up with family things, and the sometimes challenging weather here in Florida. We give you pictures of daily life around here, which is pretty normal most of the time.

I have certainly had my ups and downs with life and the job during that time. There have been some very active blogging times, and some when posting was slim. Traffic to the site has been pretty good, and it often gets a pretty high ranking in Google. In fact, it was discovered by a BBC radio show, and I was invited to discuss torture on the show. That was very exciting.

I guess the only disappointment has been a lack of comments on the articles. I know my friends have opinions as strong as mine, and I know some are very good writers. I just with they’d add to the commentary here. Oh well, if I keep begging, maybe some of them will start commenting.

In the meantime, here’s to the last four years of blogging on Deep Sand, here’s to the unbelievable team of developers and the open source community that make WordPress and unbelievable software platform, and here’s to four more years of raising hell.

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  1. I meant to send you a happy birthday note yesterday, John, but have house guests and am finding little time to be online.

    Happy birthday and congratulations on maintaining an outstanding blog. I check it daily and know that I can always find interesting discussions of political and other issues here, especially with a Florida angle.

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