May 272008

Surfs UpBased on the groundbreaking revelation that surfing was actually invented by penguins. In the film, a documentary crew will take audiences behind the scenes and onto the waves during the most competitive, heartbreaking and dangerous display of surfing known to man, the Penguin World Surfing Championship.

Genres: Action/Adventure and Comedy

General Info: Running Time: 1 hr. 25 min. Release Date: June 8th, 2007 (wide) MPAA Rating: PG for mild language and some rude humor.

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Shia LaBeouf, Zooey Deschanel, James Woods, Jon Heder

Directed by: Ash Brannon, Chris Buck

We had Lay’s nephews over Saturday night, and this is what they wanted to see. Lay and I decided we quite enjoyed the movie. The story has something for adults and kids, it doesn’t take itself to seriously, and it is one of the most exciting movies to watch. The waves and water look incredible, but more importantly it has heart and a great message like all movies should have. It is very different than Happy Feet. The only thing similar about them is the fact that the main characters are penguins, which I got over in the first 10 seconds, because there have been many movies that feature similar species as main characters, and that never bothered me.

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