Jun 142008

While traveling to Dallas this week, I visited the Admiral’s Club in Terminal A at the DFW airport. It has to be probably the nicest airline club I’ve ever been in.

Of course, given that American Airlines is headquartered in Dallas, I would expect their Admiral’s Club there to be above average, but this place was incredible. It was plush, quite, well appointed, and thoughtfully laid out. At one end was a small restaurant where one could order light food. I’ve never seen this in any other airport club. Down another hallway were small rooms each with a TV in the separator wall, and each on a different channel. At the end of that hall was a well appointed business center with computers provided in some of the cubicles.

I love to get a late checkout at my hotel on trips like this. This allows me to run up to the room, brush my teeth, change into comfortable clothes, and wipe my face with a nice warm towel. In this case, the meeting was not at the hotel, and there was no time after my presentation to return to the hotel. I noticed a sign at the customer service desk indicating they had a fitness center (!). Assuming people wouldn’t like to work out and board a plane all sweaty, I expected they had a locker room or shower, so I might be able to change clothes.

I asked, and was given a key to a private shower that was the nicest shower I’ve ever used. I had my own toilet and sink, and a huge marble shower with one of the rain shower heads overhead, a regular shower head, and the side jets. They even provided towels draped across a towel warmer. And it was also a very nice fitness center.

All the people in the club were friendly and pleasant to deal with. It will be hard to beat this particular Airport Club.

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