Nov 102008

No blogging last week, as I was on the road from Monday to Friday. I drove up North Carolina because we had a business meeting in Burlington Wednesday, and then I took two days off, visited Mom and drove home. It was actually a pleasant week.

Bridges Barbecue SignI drove up Monday to Kings Mountain and spent the night there with Mom. We had dinner at a local landmark, Bridges Barbecue in Shelby. I asked, and it turns out they have been in business for 64 years. They cook a certain amount of pork (the only real barbecue meat) each day, and once that’s gone, they just close up. They start the meeting slow cooking the night before each. They also have the classic red barbecue slaw, and some of the best hushpuppies you’ll find anywhere. It’s the kind of place where you go and always run into people you know…especially my Mom.

Tuesday, I drove to Burlington for the Wednesday meeting, and Tuesday evening drove over to Greensboro to have dinner with a long time friend, Mark. We had dinner at a place in the downtown Arts Center. It was OK. A friend of Mark’s sat down with us, and we went through two bottles of wine talking about the election. Mark’s friend was a history major, so it was an intelligent conversation, even though he was a Republican. They were not showing the results in the bar in this place, and Mark does not have a TV, so I just turned on the TV long enough when I got back to the hotel room to see that Obama had won. It was sort of nice being uplugged from that.

The business meeting went very well Saturday, and then I drove back down to Kings Mountain to Wednesday and Thursday night. It had been fairly cool and rainy Tuesday, but the rest of week was just perfect fall weather. I washed windows for Mom Thursday, and we visited LeeAnn in the afternoon. I drove home Friday, and made pretty good time.

The fall leaves were beautiful and seemed to be a peak, so I took some pictures which you can see by visiting this page.

Explosion of Color

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