Apr 262009

I had some business travel last week to Austin, Texas. I got a little scared, as I had not taken my Passport, so I was concerned about getting back into the United States. I did make it back OK though.

According to a Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll of Texans, Republicans there are equally split when asked if Texas would be better off as an independant nation. I thought Austin was a great city with very friendly people, but if that’s how people down there feel, let ’em go. They can worry about the border, and figure out how to solve their many social problems. As Gny. Sgt. Hartman says to Private Cowboy in Full Metal Jacket, “only steers and queers come from Texas.”

I mean, really, you know you’re in Texas, when half of the front page of Friday’s Austin American-Statesman newspaper was a story about the shortage of ammunition since Obama’s election as President.

A nationwide bullet drought has hit Central Texas with a vengeance. Beginning around the time President Barack Obama was elected, the shortage has made some .380-, .45-, .357- and .38-caliber ammunition as rare as an Austin snowstorm.

Longtime gun dealers say the current ammunition shortage is historic. “We’ve seen runs on various things before, but never this sustained or this lengthy,” said Chuck Wagnon, whose family owns Tex-Guns in South Austin. “It’s been a buying frenzy.”

At a time when American’s need, more than ever, to be trying to work together, you have this idiot Governor (something Texas seems to have no shortage of) stirring up rhetoric like this. It discourages me greatly, that no matter what happens, Republicans are going to just cry, take their ball and go home, when they don’t get their way.

Guys, you lost the election. Obama’s giving tax cuts to the middle class and raising taxes on the rich. That’s what Democrats do, and it’s going to happen. Work with us, or seriously, so ahead and secede. We’ll give statehood to Puerto Rico and not even have to change the flag.

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  1. Texans have it right. Don’t mess with them. They are armed and ready to go if necessary. Obama had better think again about trying to disarm us.

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