Jun 082009

Why is every business now yelling at me when I walk in?

It started as one or two restaurants. I remember getting it first at a burrito place called “Moe’s.” You walk in and everyone working there yelled, “WELCOME TO MOE’S.” OK, so that was kind of a cute gimmick. I get it.

But now it seems like every restaurant you walk into has decided they must have everyone working yell out a welcome to you when you walk in. Firehouse Subs was next. Recently, an Arby’s opened in the closed down Hardee’s in Britton Plaza. We went in there Saturday to get lunch, and lo and behold, they were yelling out…”Welcome to Arby’s!” Saturday night I went into Blockbuster to rent a movie (yes, it was a big weekend for us), and they had the two people working there having to greet everyone with a shout out.

Listen, I appreciate when a business acknowledges my patronage, but I’m perfectly fine with the clerk merely offering  a “thank you” in a normal tone of voice at most any point during the transaction.

When I’m eating in a restaurant, even a fast food joint, I’m usually combining that with some conversation, or I’ve taken in something to read. I really prefer carrying on the conversation rather than have all the employees yelling out every time the door opens. The same is true at Blockbuster. I know it’s not the same as a library, but to me, it’s similar. I want to concentrate on the movies, not get alerted every time some one walks in. And especially if you are waiting on me, I find it actually rude for you to yell out a welcome to someone else.

Maybe I’m a curmudgeon, or just getting grouchy in my old age, but please, just a polite…normal inside voice…”thank you,” is good enough for me. Please don’t yell at me when I walk in the door. I may start turning around and walking out. I don’t go to restaurants (even fast food ones) to hear constant shouting.

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  1. I used to complain that you walk into shops here in VA and no one speaks. Somehow even that may be better than the shouting. I think an ice cream shop started it – Coldstone, maybe.
    I guess we’re just getting old, John!

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