Jun 192009
  • Typical Saturday. Pay Bills, clean house, run errands. At least I got the grass cut yesterday. It’s blazing hot today. #
  • Well, Monday morning and it’s off to the races. I have a lot to get done today. Let’s hope I can keep up. #
  • Just not getting as much done today as I need to. Can’t concentrate, and waiting on others for stuff. #
  • Calling DOJ to ask the value they place on civil rights, given their argument that DOMA is Constitutional because it saves taxpayers money. #
  • Wow, it was a crazy day. Spent mostly in St. Pete and Largo, but work was piling up back here in the office. Late last night, late tonight. #
  • Sounds as if parts of my hometown got really smashed by a tornado. My Mom and her place are OK though. #
  • This has been a long rough week, and I’m glad it is Friday. Of course we’re hosting a birthday party for a three year old Sunday. No rest. #

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