Jul 282009

Finally, someone has come up with the unifying theory of everything. As is so often the case, the comedic view of things is usually the most truely honest. Such is the case in this monologue by Craig Ferguson of the Late Late Show. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorites, and has made it to season pass status on the TIVO. Thank you Craig Ferguson for three and one-half minutes of time well spent. This is laugh-out-loud funny, but so frightfully true.

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  1. Darn it, this has unfortunately been removed, but it prompted me to go back and watch some recent videos of Ferguson at work. I first became a Craig Ferguson fan when I was in England in 1991 and listened to two of his stand-up performances. And I was surprised to discover I’d actually seen him a few years before that, performing as “Bing Hitler” on a cable program. He later said he picked that name to get attention, but then realized it was getting the wrong kind of attention, so went back to his real name.

    Thank you for reminding me how amazingly funny and smart the guy is.

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