Jul 012009

The internet is great because you sometimes stumble across things that just take your breath away. I came across such a thing this morning.

What is most likely one of the largest and most intricate paper sculptures (and certainly one of the most beautiful) is on display in Tokyo at an exhibition called Umi no Ue no Oshiro (A Castle On the Ocean ). It is exhibited at Uminohotar, and was built by Wataru Itou, a young art student in Tokyo. The sculpture even has a working paper train, and took Mr. Itou over four years to complete. It is a truly amazing accomplishment.

I didn’t want the pictures to disappear, so I’ve saved them and added them to this post, but the original poster for this was Tokyobling.com.


Do yourself a favor and click on the thumbnails to view the images full size.

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