Sep 272009

Rachael Maddow reports on a survey that says that more than one in three conservatives in New Jersey believe that Obama is the anti-christ. She discusses with Republican operative and former religious right co-founder Frank Schaeffer how we respond to the idiocy. Schaeffer rightly notes that there is a sub-culture within the ultra-conservative evangelical right that is taught from birth to reject fact as a matter of “faith.” These are people who believe the world is only about six billion years old, that humans lived with dinosaurs, and that John F. Kennedy was the anti-christ. He refers to them as a “fifth column of insanity.”

Schaeffer postulates on whether Christianity can be rescued from these “christians.” Maddow asks Schaeffer how to move these people off this position. Schaeffer points out that “a village can’t re-organize village life around the village idiot.” He makes the point that we have to move beyond them, because there is not Republican leadership and no one on that side with the courage to stand up to them.


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