Sep 242009

Dale Mabry was closed at Bay to Bay all day yesterday and most of today, there was a bank robbery and shootout, a pack of cocaine was found in a fire station washer, and then they ran over someone they were going to help.

We’ll start with the Tampa events. Dale Mabry and Bay to Bay Blvd were closed where they intersect due to water main break. This was all day yesterday, and most of today. If you’re not familiar with Tampa, these are two main streets, especially Dale Mabry.

A group suspected or robbing some pawn shops stepped it up a bit and robbed a bank today. Police spotted an SUV thought to be involved, and started following. One suspect jumped out and ran. The SUV went on to a house near Ybor City. Another suspect ran but was caught. The other two men went into the house. One gave himself up, but another started shooting. The police returned fire with a few shots, and later fired in tear gas. Once they entered the house, the found the man dead from a shot to the head. They’re not sure yet if he was shot during the gun fire, or shot himself.

Over in St. Petersburg a day or so ago, someone discovered a bag of cocaine in the washing machine at a fire station on MKL Drive, South. Needless to say, there are investigations underway. This afternoon the station was dispatched to an address about a block away. As they were leaving the station, the truck ran over a guy laying in the driveway. Apparently, the person they were being dispatched to help. He’s now in the hospital with life threatening injuries.

So it’s just been a wild day today.

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