Sep 162009

Roy Herron is a state senator from the great state of Tennessee. He is currently running for governor.Listen to the way he talks about why he’s a Democrat. PROUDLY. Not all wishy washy, like so many other leaders. The Republican party lead by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck were soundly repudiated in the last election. Yet the current Democratic leaders in Congress keep rolling over for the Republicans, and seem to want to run away from being a Democrat.

In looking back over the past 80 years or so in this country, the economy, jobs, social services all get better under Democratic Administrations, and all the social programs we rely on today are Democratic programs.

Class act, great guy, and hopefully the next governor of Tennessee.

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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Roy Herron before. He makes me proud to be a Tennessean. And I’ll admit that, while I love the place where I live, there are times when I haven’t been so proud to be a Tennessean.

    I generally stay out of politics, but listening to Herron speak I’m inspired to do more than just vote for him. I might even work for his campaign. Tennessee–and the rest of the country–needs people like him.

  2. I have to agree with Christopher. Government shouldn’t be a free ride, but we need it to be there for the worst of times, and to help people who need some breathing room. It’s not asking too much. This is a guy who seems to understand that.

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