Sep 222009

It appears some deputies from Lakeland PD and Polk County Sherriffs Office decided it would be fun to play a little Wii Bowling on the big screen while serving a search warrant at an alleged drug house. I guess it wouldn’t be too big a deal but for the fact that they apparently spent NINE (9) HOURS playing around.The problem comes from the fact that in their very thorough, NINE (9) HOUR, search of the house they missed the security cameras that were recording.

Polk Sherriff Grady Judd called the display, “embarassing.” It seems I see Sherriff Judd on lots of these videos being embarassed and not able to, “explain it.” It appears there were SIXTEEN (16) Detectives there for the NINE (9) HOURS. They were from the Sherriff’s office, and Lakeland and Winterhaven Police Departments, at a cost to taxpayers of over $4,000.00. But never fear, according to good ‘ole Grady, all search warrants have a lot of down-time, he says no tax dollars were wasted. I’m sure glad Grady is the Sherriff, because I surely don’t understand the need for sixteen detectives to sit around for nine hours waiting on one person…if they were waiting on him.

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