Sep 172009
AFA 187555

Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary

In a sign that I’m certainly getting older, now I’m reading about people I remember mostly as being young and exciting dying in their 70s. Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary fame died at 72 after several years of battling lukemia.

I was quite the young tyke back in the early ’60s, but their music endured enough for me to enjoy. I never quite got the whole controversy around “Puff The Magic Dragon” though. I never did manage to make the leap to it being about smoking pot. I just thought it was a fun story set to song.

The group brought folk music out of the coffee house and into the mainstream, and gave America one of its first tastes of Bob Dylan. They managed to turn his “Blowing In The Wind” into something of an anthem for the 60s.

So thanks Mary, for a lot of years of fun and beautiful music.

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