Oct 052009

You know, it was a fairly mundane day today, but for some reason there were some mildly strange goings on in my world. From unplanned money spent on the A/C system to strange people at the grocery store to a cat taking a dive off my truck, it was just one of those weird days.

Our driveway has somehow become the lounge area for all the neighborhood cats. The next door neighbor’s cat is often relaxing under one of Lay’s cars. Today though, a big black long hair had taken up residence under the car. Unbeknownst to me, she had displaced the neighbors cat.

I got in the truck, slammed the door, cranked it up, and started backing out. Suddenly, there was a commotion at the back of the truck, and I caught a glimpse of something flailing past the back window. Looking in the side mirror, I then realized it was the neighbor’s cat. She was standing there staring back at me making it very clear how unhappy she was with me moving the truck. In fact, despite my slowly backing up, she didn’t seem interested in moving. It’s not nearly as funny unless you were there, I’m sure that cat was thinking some evil thoughts about me.

Then at the grocery store, it seemed to be my night to handle customer service. I was walking up the aisle with the seasonings, and a guy stopped me to help him find the black pepper.  I was back at the meat counter, and then I was at the meat counter just down from a lady with three kids. They ranged in age from probably seven or so down to about four or five.

I overheard say something about needing some one to help her, then she caught my eye, and asked if I knew anything about chicken. So I said, “some, what do you need help with.” She was holding a package of boneless/skinless breasts, and needed to know if she could bake them. I explained she certainly could, but without the skin it would need some kind of seasoning. She admitted she planned to use Shake ‘n Bake.

I just found it interesting that someone with three kids didn’t know how to bake some chicken breasts. I’m hoping she was their aunt or something, but who knows.

Mom called today to say it was cold up in Kings Mountain, and that she had to turn on the heat in the house. Unfortunately, I had to spend $400 on the air conditioner.

Just another day of me doing my part in the gays taking over of the world.

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