Nov 182009

From time to time I have a discussion of politics with someone at work. He’s very much a conservative Republican.  Yesterday our discussion went to how far off the cliff the most extreme elements of the right-wing have gone. He kept insisting there were extremists on the left as well.

I made the point to him that I agreed there were some on the left so as extreme as to be somewhat embarrassing, but the difference was that I’d bet him dinner he couldn’t find reliable reporting on or Youtube videos of left-wing people going to the steps of the Justice Department for the express purpose of trying to incite someone to beat the crap out of a gay person. I challenged him to find a story of a left leaning person who had killed a doctor, or a Youtube of Democratic Congressperson taking to the floor of the U.S. House and calling the death of the college student a “hoax” with the mother of the student in the gallery. He cut short to conversation.

And now come forth the Psalmists. Apparently they are now printing the phrase, “Psalm 109,” on mouse pads, bumper stickers, and even teddy bears. The Biblical verse Psalm 109: “Let his days be few; and let another take his office. Let his children become fatherless; and his wife become a widow.” Frank Schaeffer, a one-time evangelical leader, tells Rachael Maddow that this latest Bible-quoting campaign is nothing short of “trawling for assassins.”


The hate is just beyond belief and frightening, but even more frightening is the lack of outcry from the leading ministers and clerics against such activities.

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