Dec 072009

The New York Times has a Reuters report that five AIG executives wrote letters on December 1 stating they may quit if their salary and bonuses are cut.The senior executives at American International Group <AIG.N> told the insurer last week they may quit if their compensation was cut significantly by the U.S. pay czar, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Now it seems that two of them changed their minds over the weekend. I’m guessing they figured out that they just might have their bluff called.

The new CEO of AIG, Robert Benmosche smiles during an interview with Reuters in the garden of his Adriatic seafront villa in Dubrovnik, Croatia

You know, these are the same braniacs that got the company into that mess.Why they still have their jobs is beyond me. They screwed up to the tune of billions of dollars, and still feel entitled to eight figure salaries.

I think this would fall under the auspices of that grand old southern phrase, “Well bless their hearts.”

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