Jan 152010

Pat Robertson of 700 Club and African Mining infamyI honestly can think of nothing more vile and hateful than the things that come from the mouth of Pat Robertson. Who can forget his blaming feminism and abortion for the attack on the 9/11, Mardi Gras and the people of New Orleans for Katrina’s devastation, and now, as is so often the case, he’s blaming the victims in Haiti for their own misery.

According to Robertson, the reason for the earthquake there, and the poverty of the country is because back during the days of French Colonialism, the Haitians made a pact with Satan to get the French out. I’m thinking it’s someone else that made a pact with the Devil, and he’s a mean and hateful old man who lives in Virginia.

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Of course, one of the obvious problems with Robertson’s statement is that both sides of the island were freed from slavery to the French at the same time. The revolution was fought on behalf of the island of Santo Domingo, which in modern days is comprised of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The sacrifice was made on behalf of both countries. So if the Dominican Republic is prosperous and Haiti is struggling I fail to see how the ritual performed in the 1700′s on behalf of the whole island is the cause of the Haiti’s problems.

Honestly, how this guy can sleep at night is a mystery to me. Pat, if you want to see the Devil, look in the mirror.

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