Jan 152010

If you are an American, you sue your neighbor, of course.

According to report on Discovery News, a man in Sante Fe claims he’s sensitive to wi-fi signals. According to the report, he has a number of doctor’s statements attesting to this sensitivity, and now he’s suing his neighbor because she won’t turn off all her electronic devices.

Now, I get a little concerned about how we are all surrounded by electromagnetic energy. I started wondering about it when I noticed that my cell phone could set speakers on a TV to buzzing even before the phone rang, so I try to mostly use a headset.

Is it possible that a person could be especially sensitive to such transmissions? At least one study contends that this kind of sensitivity is all in a person’s head. And then there was this blog from Gizmodo, which describes how residents in South Africa complained that a nearby mobile phone tower was making them sick, but then found out later it had been turned off for several weeks. I just don’t know, but I do know that if we have electrical outlets in our house (and I assume this guy probably does), he’s already surrounded by electromagnetic energy, and given that most people don’t have problems with such emissions, it’s not reasonable for him to think a neighbor should turn off all her devices. That’s like someone with the usual hay fever type allergies demanding that all the neighbors cut down their trees and pave their yards. It becomes ridiculous on its face.

However, I’d suggest the neighbor offer to provide him a roll of tinfoil. An appropriately shaped hat should solve the problem straightaway.

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