Mar 272010

Thursday was a long and grueling day at work. After work I raked leaves and did some yard cleanup. So I was ready to sit down and relax with a nice cold cup of diet coke after my shower. Instead, I wound up with a major clean-up/disaster recovery effort on my hands.

I have a large insulated cup I use throughout the day for my soda. My friends make fun of me because I carry it around all the time. I’d placed it in the refrigerator when I went outside to work. I reached in to take it out, and bumped a new, full, 2 liter bottle of Publix Brand Diet Root Beer (Lay’s a root beer fan, I’ve never liked it that much).

Well, the bottle fell off the refrigerator shelf (the top one of course), flipped over with the top straight down, and headed to the tile floor. When it hit, the top apparently split in half, and the bottle launched itself up on a plume of, now well shaken, root beer. My guess is, the bottle made it about a foot off the floor before it wheeled over, spraying me and every white cabinet in my kitchen.

When it bounced down on the floor on its side, that was enough for it to recharge itself, and everything got another dose, as it slid across the floor into the dinning room. By the time I picked it up, and, still spewing, got it into the sink, there wasn’t even one small cup left in the bottle. You can imagine where the rest of the soda was.

So, I spent the next 45 minutes cleaning down the kitchen cabinets, mopping up the floor, and taking another shower. So much for a nice quiet evening. Carbonation and I now have a love-hate relationship, and I like root beer less than before.

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