Jun 142010

As you probably have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I apologize for that (if it matters to anyone) as I’ve been busy with work. That’s a good thing, but it involved a lot of writing, so by the end of the day, my fingers were tired.

I have also had some household projects going on, which has given me plenty to do the past few weekends and in the evenings. I was supposed to off the entire week following Memorial Day, but that didn’t work out. I did have a couple of those days off though.

This coming Sunday my niece is having her 4th birthday here at the house. The nephews have always enjoyed swimming here, but both niece’s are totally into it, and throw a fit when it’s time to get out and go home.

I also plan to start¬† new series called, “Say It To My Face.” I’ve really decided that I’m tired of having wingnuts and politicians say just anything they want about LGBT folks, no matter how crazy, dishonest, over-the-top, or insulting. I’m going to try to track down contact information for them, and talk to them (or a staffer), and call them out for it directly. I already have a couple of those to get written, and more are on the way. I don’t know if it’ll change any minds, but I think people generally ratchet down the rhetoric when they have to say it, or back it up, to someone’s face (or at least their telephone voice).

There are couple of movies to get reviewed too, although we haven’t watched many new movies lately. Lay got a call for an interview for TFD, so he’s spent the past couple of weeks and weekends preparing as best he can for that. It’s a huge deal, so send positive thoughts his way.

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