Sep 022010

That’s right folks. The good christian people at Focus on the Family don’t want schools to have effective anti-bullying campaigns because they want to be sure their kids can continue to beat up kids who are or are perceived to be gay. Oh they try to dress it up in nice words saying they want safe schools for everyone, but if you go around and tell kids it’s not OK to beat up the gay kids, then you’re teaching them that being gay is OK.

In this clip, Anderson Cooper even has on an actual expert, not the woman from Focus on the Anus, who’s got no published papers, no research, no degree, nothing to make her the expert they claim she is, who says that if you can’t call out bullying, of any type, for what it is, kids don’t get it, and it doesn’t stop. So, clearly, the folks at Focus don’t want it to stop, so they must want to keep up their right to beat up certain people, and then claim they are the victims here. What a sad state religion has made christianity.


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