Sep 112010

Apparently Terry Jones (I refuse to use the Reverend honorific for a person like this) of the Dove World Center in Gainesville has flown to New York, and won’t be burning in Quran’s. In the process, he finally got his 15 minutes of fame for he and the loser that is his Associate Paster, and created even more division in America…but hey, he managed to get what he wanted…attention.

In our country, people have a right to be assholes and idiots, and this guy certainly took advantage of that right. We have the right to burn our own flag, to burn books of all types, and to insult other people…even entire groups of people. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Let someone burn a Bible, and this guy and his cult followers would go crazy. So why wouldn’t they have the same problem burning the Holy Book of another religion.

I think he never intended to burn a Quran. This guy is a ego-maniac, and was using this as a way to get attention. I came to realize in watching two clips I saw, each one showing him walking out to speak to the press. Now let’s remember this is a man who pastors a church of about 50 people. But each time he came to speak to the press, it look the President walking out with the usual contingent. Here’s the “tell.” The man walked out in his shirtsleeves (not uncommon giving it’s Summer in Florida), but was followed each time, along with others, by a woman carrying his coat. After walking to the spot where the microphones were, he’d stop and she’d hold his coat up for him to put it on, then he’d step up to the microphones.

Jones and his entourage taking questions from the press. The lady in the back on the left is the official coat carrier.

In the second, later clip, he was followed by a woman wearing a gun, and his associate pastor was on one of the news shows, in his suit, also “packing heat.” This guy gained his 15 minutes in an earlier Youtube video going off on every other Church and minister in Gainesville because they wouldn’t join his church in condemning the gay person running for Mayor of Gainesville. In those videos, he was wearing a t-shirt.

This is clearly all just theater, and the press was right there to oblige. Secretary of State Clinton had the best solution to all this. If the press would go away, this would be a non-story.  This is all Jones wanted, and the press willingly gave it to him.

During all this I keep hearing about the “Islamization” of America. What an amazing joke. The number of Muslims in America in miniscule, yet we are running in fear. What a bunch of small and frightened people we’ve become.

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