Dec 172010
  • @virginiafoxx Yes, but two others said it was. You hate it so much, give up your government healthcare. Until then, shut up. in reply to virginiafoxx #
  • @virginiafoxx Darned activist judges, overruling the will of the people through their elected officials. Please start impeachment hearings. in reply to virginiafoxx #
  • @virginiafoxx No, tax cuts for the rich put the nation in a lasting bind, along with Republicans who are bought by the Insurance Companies. in reply to virginiafoxx #
  • An Oldie-: No Honor Among Vote Stealers #
  • An Oldie-: Some Job Facts from – New job numbers are out this morning, and they're more bad news for a… #
  • An Oldie-: Rumsfeld in Bushword – Last week say SecDef Rummy got challenged a little by some of the screwed over… #
  • An Oldie-: Why Do We Scratch Our Itches? – Science has come to few conclusions about the biology of itching. The… #
  • An Oldie-: Why We Have To Keep The Filibuster – This from the LA Times  is the prime example for why we must… #
  • An Oldie-: Jesus is Not A Republican – Unfortunately, that's a statement that will piss of a few people. It's made… #
  • * "I think guest is right…suing for stupid could be the least frivilous suit he could file. He could sue hims…" #
  • An Oldie-: Storing Languages Forever – As a records manager by trade (and having worked in the government sector… #
  • An Oldie-: The Divine Vitality That Produces and Restores Life – The cure for all the ills and wrongs, the cares,… #

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