Feb 252011
  • Lunch as usual. (@ Pho Quyen) http://4sq.com/fYS7jp #
  • An Oldie-: Farenheit 451-And So It Begins – Wanna do some research on your own to find out how to get back property… http://bit.ly/eLXYfC #
  • I went to a friends B'day dinner. Sitting with Lay for his dinner. Headed to movie. (@ Chick-Fil-A?) http://4sq.com/fnCm0n #
  • Got here kind of early to see "Unknown." Reviewers are saying it's better than I was expecting, so we'll see. http://4sq.com/fxs5kY #
  • An Oldie-: America, The Beautiful? – I had to follow with the question mark. I love this country and the principles… http://bit.ly/9PbXIn #
  • An Oldie-: Technology Toast – Click on the photo on the right, and you can see more photos of the video card from… http://bit.ly/gb5ngl #

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