Apr 082011
  • An Oldie-: A Citizens Initiative Needed – I think its probably time for another of those Citizen Initiated… http://bit.ly/h4SGvo #
  • Having lunch. Haven't been here in a while. (@ Pho Quyen) http://4sq.com/giDMKF #
  • An Oldie-: Where Oh Where Has Osama Gone? – Since the beginning of 2003, King George has mentioned bin Laden's name… http://bit.ly/ekoedz #
  • Had to drive up here for a gable vent that blew out last week. Store near the house was out. (@ Lowe's) http://4sq.com/fmYyRj #
  • An Oldie-: Wow, What a Week Last Week Was – It's pretty hard to get over last week. Governor Sandford in S.C…. http://bit.ly/bDDUqN #
  • Maryland man glued to Wal-Mart toilet seat – http://bit.ly/gksfxg #cnn Hope they were able to take him out a back door. #
  • Very late dinner after more yard cleanup. picking up lunch for Lay tomorrow. (@ Hao Wah) http://4sq.com/fKNTsQ #

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