Apr 222011
  • An Oldie-: More Corporate Welfare – A memo to Congress: want to know why you're pulling abysmal 34 percent approval… http://bit.ly/8ZNL5C #
  • * "Well, Maggie's right about one thing. The government shouldn't be involved in personal intimate relationship…" http://bit.ly/gTahXe #
  • * "Oops…we need to start attacking Bam Bam on this statement, "a heterosexual judge, by definition, would not…" http://bit.ly/e8HvgT #
  • * "Well her husband must no longer fit either. Funny that she attends all these so-called "family" events. Brow…" http://bit.ly/em9C2r #
  • Picking up Pho for Lay's dinner. He had to work tonight. (@ Hao Wah) http://4sq.com/i0iJ2I #
  • @nprscottsimon thank you for not forgetting who we are supposed to be. in reply to nprscottsimon #
  • An Oldie-: Deep Thoughts: The Series – I'm not sure if you have noticed, but in the upper corner of the sidebar… http://bit.ly/eluidC #
  • * "Let me get this straight…a big cloud covers Northwest Umerika, but some guy in the midwest reaches up and …" http://bit.ly/hpdAJz #
  • * "This is a very fun guy to talk to. I looked him up on the faculty page of the Pittsburgh Theological Seminar…" http://bit.ly/fADdLA #
  • An Oldie-: Where Has All The Character Gone; Long Time Passing – There's a lot of people who staked their political… http://bit.ly/fi0vly #
  • * "Make no mistake, this is a strategic move on Bam Bam's part. You see, by blaming the lawyers for doing a poo…" http://bit.ly/fAvUhw #

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