May 062011
  • * "Thanks for the headsup. I certainly do have feedback I'd like to leave, but just to be clear, they have to h…" #
  • An Oldie-: He's For the Right to Life, Well Most Of The Time – The chief wingnut himself, Pat Robertson, is… #
  • Here to watch one of Lay's favorites in a UFC fight. I'm starving, and thinking about splurging on a ribeye. #
  • Trying a Wisconsin burger after a very long weekend of assembling one of those metal sheds. (@ Steak N Shake) #
  • An Oldie-: State of The Economy – Historically-low job growth, declining wages, rising poverty, record deficits,… #
  • Getting a haircut. I always try to be first, but my barber is never here on time. (@ Gandy Blvd Barber & Beauty) #
  • Here is a headline to make you look twice: "Blackwater's New Ethics Chief: John Ashcroft" #

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