May 132011
  • An Oldie-: Powell Thinks We May Be Losing – According to Newsweek reports, Secretary of State Collin Powell has, in… #
  • I cannot tell a lie, I am really glad it's the weekend. #
  • @AaronMFlynn Of course it's true. Haven't you been watching Fox? in reply to AaronMFlynn #
  • Late dinner after Lay got off work. (@ Waffle House) #
  • Chores done at home. Now having lunch. (@ Pho Quyen) #
  • Pitcher of Sangria and lasagne. Haven't had either in a while. (@ The Spaghetti Warehouse) #
  • Had the roast pork for lunch. (@ La Teresita) #
  • Stopped off here. Lay needs a hose for his car. 1993, so let's hope they have it. (@ Advance Auto Parts) #
  • An Oldie-: War On Terror Over; Gonzalez Pursues Porn – Taking his cues from former Attorney General John Ashcroft,… #
  • * "Still can't figure this whole "children" thing in the argument. What does gay marriage have to do with the f…" #
  • An Oldie-: 88 Arab Homes to be Destroyed in Jerusalem – I realize the instant anyone criticizes Israel, you're… #
  • * "Well, given that he believes this whole country is doomed, I think his best course of action would be to lea…" #
  • * "Those are some seriously uptight dudes. I believe the old saying is, "shove a lump of coal of their butts, a…" #

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