Sep 162011
  • Let's see how long it takes today. Always an adventure in what they don't have cooked for lunch. #
  • Stopped off here on the way to lunch. Lay Is paying off his car today. Big day for him. #
  • Lunch here. I'm having the pork patty on rice vermicelli. Lay's getting pho. (@ Pho Quyen Vietnamese Restaurant) #
  • Here to watch Bucky Larson Porn Star. (@ AMC Veterans 24 w/ 4 others) #
  • Having dinner. We both did a bowl of their crab corn chowder, which is great. Then I'm trying the lobster roll. #
  • Having lunch. Their chili cheese burger is pretty good. (@ Krystal) #
  • Work was slow for Lay, so they let him take off early. I met him over here for some country fried steak. (@ PoFolks) #

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