Oct 072011
  • Dinner and a movie later. (@ Pho Quyen Vietnamese Restaurant) http://t.co/sBkZDPUp #
  • Heard some decent reviews about Contagion so we'll see if it's true. (@ AMC Veterans 24 for Contagion w/ 6 others) http://t.co/f3qQNlpC #
  • We were going to a wing place around the corner, but they had valet parking. Decided that was too upscale for Satur… http://t.co/EHHjgxh1 #
  • * "Over and over, they forget the whole "freedom of speech" thing cuts several ways. There's also the freedom o…" http://t.co/sMI9diol #
  • * "That's right…and if this gets any media attention, I'll bet a whole bunch of these holy roller legislators…" http://t.co/vqDv3kBy #

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