Nov 112011
  • #ClarenceThomas is not above the law. #p2 #scotus #
  • * "But wait…in the beginning she says you can't christianize Halloween, and that dressing up in costumes is w…" #
  • Heading into Sunday School. Still studying the Beatitudes. Very pretty day here, but pleasantly cool this morning. #
  • Saw this on Diners Drive Ins and Dives Friday night on TV, and give it a try. (@ The Taco Bus w/ 3 others) #
  • * "All the press release says is that the government has no "evidence" of life on other planets. There is a dif…" #
  • * "And let's see, what is the best way to make teens want to NOT watch something?I know. Pick Me! Pick Me!….t…" #
  • * "I never saw the police move in when the Tea Baggers were disrupting town halls, but they were right there on…" #

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