Nov 182011
  • * "How can it not cause one to lose all hope for this country given how many people were/are taking these peopl…" #
  • * "But….but…wouldn't this mean having some activist judge re-write the law all by himself?" #
  • * "Pay it in pennies. Seriously. Get a few members of the group to go and carry it in, with the press in attend…" #
  • * "The problem James is that this kind of BS resonnates with people. Less educated people always want someone t…" #
  • * "I concur…if they had lost the ruling, we'd be back on an appeal track just for that. So now the whole case…" #
  • * "I think it is a bad legal precedent, but I think it moves it our case along a faster track. Had the CA Supre…" #
  • Nothing special, just lunch. (@ Krystal) #

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