Dec 232011
  • Hopefully boarding on time to get home after a long hectic couple of days in Resting, VA at headquarters. #
  • Time for a haircut. (@ Gandy Blvd Barber & Beauty) #
  • * "Interesting. In the past, they've argued that we don't deserve civil rights protections as a class because w…" #
  • Here for the Unable Voce Men's Chorale Holiday Concert. This is must do on Holiday agenda. (@ HCC Mainstage Theater) #
  • * "In any other world besides the political world we currently live in, Newt as the nominee would cause the mar…" #
  • Picking up lunch. (@ China Wok) #
  • * "Glen, I get your points, and I've thought the same thing several times, but have recently changed my mind in…" #
  • * "So, please God let them call for the boycott. Pretty soon all TV will be ad free if they get their way, and …" #
  • Honest to god, it seems like the biggest deal for this chicken place to actually have chicken cooked during the lun… #
  • Just got an oil change and some other stuff checked out. Truck's become a money pit. (@ Lokey Nissan) #

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