Apr 202012
  • Lunch, and then back home. (@ Pho Quyen Vietnamese Restaurant) http://t.co/c2L58GuQ #
  • Taught Sunday School. We discussed issues coming up in General Conference. At church now. http://t.co/5GbLP0ub #
  • * "No surprise here. The anti-gay groups realized they were losing the war when trying to base it on (what the…" http://t.co/uidKIONK #
  • Picking up stir fry for lunch. (@ China Wok) http://t.co/V2Bvcb5y #
  • * "You know what Jeremy, I really hope get this off the ground quickly, and hope they get a lot of young people…" http://t.co/AJJuUAMC #
  • * "Well, I'd expect to see the numbers shoot up suddenly. We know they've played those games before. Now that t…" http://t.co/B5ekGUjb #
  • * "But…but…wait! Isn't this the same person who had a plan specifically stating part of their strategy was …" http://t.co/LDmuFmC1 #
  • * "So, does that make heterosexual marriage vagina-based marriage? (or something worse?)I'm just guessing here,…" http://t.co/me0lse3g #

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