Jun 152012
  • Picking up lunch. (@ Steak 'N Shake) http://t.co/CrSnoG9K #
  • Having dinner. Not sure what's up for later. (@ Pho Quyen Vietnamese Restaurant) http://t.co/PLzNCGgb #
  • * "I wanted to respond to the HRC points before listening to the FRC response, and see how close I was to how t…" http://t.co/GEkJuV9y #
  • * "I was about to make the same comment Disco….40,000 people boycotting starbucks. I'm sure Starbucks really …" http://t.co/YMmBHgey #
  • * "And I'm still laughing about the genious Pastor who actually bought, and posted the Youtube of himself pouri…" http://t.co/YMmBHgey #
  • * "Takes one to know one I guess." http://t.co/zpbggOjk #
  • * "The point we need to spend time and money making is that the "neutral" position is everyone being equal unde…" http://t.co/hXUc7lbm #
  • * "Exactly my point Guest. For once in my life I find myself uncomfortably on the same side of an issue as NOM…." http://t.co/ldDT0WXH #

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