Jun 222012
  • Having lunch. (@ Pho Quyen Vietnamese Restaurant) http://t.co/zbhbZCSa #
  • * "And the catholic church, to appease the Romans, actually had a liturgy to bless gay marriages before they di…" http://t.co/9gCre7T2 #
  • * ""I think we do that when we represent ourselves as followers of God but betray His Word. That’s blasph…" http://t.co/0lqHWrAV #
  • * "Yep Dick, there you have it summed up nicely. Equal rights equals socialism." http://t.co/m4VzzxXU #
  • * "I didn't even know it had finaly aired." http://t.co/q2yPLdeI #
  • * "It's pretty obvious that "Pastor" Gallups (Carl Gallups…sounds like a good porn name to me) is very intere…" http://t.co/FnFTAwhB #
  • * "And what makes it even more laughable is that the very first Christian convert by Paul was a eunich. Wonder …" http://t.co/6OWabz81 #
  • * "Here's my suggestion, and I believe this would absolutely make her head explode.Seriously, We should get a c…" http://t.co/6OWabz81 #
  • * "He has at least produced a family photo or two. I'm still waiting see Maggie's "imaginary" husband. He's cer…" http://t.co/5Jt9MNbd #
  • * "I wish I could be more forgiving to people like Blankenhorn and Mellman, but they did their damage first…e…" http://t.co/XlDEtmpX #
  • * "BTW Bob Barnes, as much as I agree with you statement about it being time to move, you are never going to ge…" http://t.co/XlDEtmpX #
  • * ""I wish you well, old friend." The comma says it all. She's done with him…separated from the friendship. H…" http://t.co/N0a1p1aM #
  • * "Funny, Tony doesn't mention what their budget is. Do we know?" http://t.co/v0XbF5A8 #
  • * ""I wish you well, old friend."The comma says it all…creating the pregnant pause. She's done with him. Poor…" http://t.co/cE7ZglM9 #
  • * "Ah but Dick, I can hear Maggie warming up the vocal cords right now. I can hear her now: "Fighting over gay …" http://t.co/XlDEtmpX #

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