Aug 242012
  • Brought my nephew Vincent to get back to school haircut. (@ Tim's Barber Shop Inc.) [pic]: #
  • Having dinner. Lay worked during the day today. (@ Pho Quyen Vietnamese Restaurant w/ 2 others) #
  • Cloudy, dark rainy day. We're trying something new for lunch. Prices good, so we hope the food is too. #
  • Back again. Lay's choice. (@ Pho Quyen Vietnamese Restaurant) #
  • Lay wanted to come to get some spices and stuff he likes. Not really been a good day (@ Lien Hoa (Saigon Deli)) #
  • * "BTW, Turek was never a Cisco employee…he was a contracted consultant…and I believe the wingnuts all kept…" #
  • Grabbing groceries between rain storms. (@ Publix) #
  • * "I think another steve has it about right. I don't believe that Brown is that big an idiot, and I also don't …" #
  • * "I've noted this at another site. I've been watching Brown for a while, and this finally gave me my revelatio…" #
  • * "But, but, those nasty homosexualists (uh, I mean those Christianists) are trying to silence him. Whatever ha…" #
  • Ran by with Lay to pick up a part. Then grabbing lunch. (@ Jerry Ulm Dodge) #
  • Picking up lunch. (@ China Wok) #

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