Aug 312012
  • Having lunch after spending the morning getting ready for the storm. (@ Pho Quyen Vietnamese Restaurant) #
  • * "I live here…in sight of the convention center, and there are no weather problems here in Tampa. The sky wa…" #
  • Young lady at the counter said it was a great choice. Lay wanted to see this one. (@ Britton 8 Cinemas for Hit & Run) #
  • Trying another new place for lunch. (@ Barnacles) #
  • It's Monday so it must be Chinese. And Lay claims I'm the boring one. (@ China Wok) #
  • Grabbing lunch with Lay. Their naked chicken tenders are pretty good. (@ Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits) #
  • * "You got it Ms. Bauer, those damned federal courts with all those activist judges making all the States adher…" #
  • * "BTW Ms. Bauer…I live here in Tampa. If you need any help finding the bathhouses, look me up, and I'll give…" #
  • * "I live here in Tampa. He's in Ybor City on a corner widely referred to as "Gaybor." Several gay restaurants …" #
  • * "They are housing people in hotels there. There is a streetcar line that connects Gaybor (uh, I mean Ybor) wi…" #
  • * "To accomodate the crowds, they are housing people even across the bay in St. Petersburg and Clearwater (and …" #
  • * "Well let's stop all the feeding the hungry and clothing the naked crap. special groups all.Oh yeah, most of …" #

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