Sep 112012

I am constantly reading and hearing the anti-gay Christianists (the Krazy Kristian Kooks as I like to call them) talking about how the world will end if gay people are given equal rights, and their rights to bully are taken away. Just in the past couple of days, on Janet Medferds talk show she hosted professional gay hater and homophobe (and truly most likely a big queen himself) Peter LaBarbera. After crapping on the TV show “The New Normal” to fill air time, they go off on homosexuals in general with the following exchange:

Janet Mefferd: What it comes down to Peter is when you don’t have an objective moral standard in a society you can’t long stand. I’m watching this stuff unfold and I’m not a Jeremiah type generally, I tend to be pretty cheerful, but I look at this and think, I don’t think a country can recover from this, I really don’t.

 Peter LaBarbera: I tend to be a realist too which is why I don’t go around saying, we’re all going to come out of this OK, who knows? If there’s a revival I think there’s hope for us. I think without a revival I kind of agree with you, I think we’re seeing all the signs of a society in steep moral decline. Even this presidential race we’re faced between one candidate who has totally given over to the homosexual agenda, then the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, has actually come out for homosexuality in the Boy Scouts. It almost seems like our candidates themselves are sort of a judgment on this country.

I’m disturbed that I find myself in agreement with Peter on this one. If we don’t have some type of revival in this country, where we get back to believing that everyone should be treated equal under the law, and that we’re not a theocracy, and that bullying and hate are just wrong, then I don’t know if we’ll survive…so Peter, yes, I hope we have a revival, the kind led by Quality Auto Paint and Body in Roanoke, Virginia. (Take a Lesson Petey.)


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