Dec 072012
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Brian Brown, President of leading gay hating group National Organization for Marriage, has, not surprisingly, done what he so often does and tweeted a blatant lie. According to Ms. Brown (and yes, I used the right title, we all know about people who claim to be straight but obsess over all things gay), a “Christian Vendor” in Maryland was forced to close down because of gay marriage.

Let’s just clarify Ms. Brown’s little white lie. First off, his tweet is false on its face. The business didn’t “close.” According to Matt Grubbs, owner of Discover Annapolis Tours, he has shut down the “wedding part” of his business on the advice of his attorney…not the whole business.

So why did his attorney recommend this. Well, it’s because Grubbs, who claims to be a “Christian,” didn’t want to abide by the public accommodation laws of Maryland, and treat everyone equally. He’d do weddings for straight people, but didn’t want to do them for gay people. So, to Grubbs and Ms. Brown, this is an infringement of his religious freedom rights. You know, just like some of those good Christian people ought to be able to open restaurants and not serve blacks because they have a religious objection to black people being free.

Brian Brown, head of NOM, yellingSo let’s just recap:

  • The guy didn’t close his business, he quit doing one part of it;
  • He wasn’t forced to close, he elected to close that part of his business;
  • The reason he closed that part of his business was because he didn’t want to be a public accommodation and be forced to treat everyone equally.

I am so entirely sick and tired of Ms. Brown and the other Krazy Kristian Kooks just making shit up. You want to disagree on public policy, disagree, but have an open and honest debate. But given that NOM is nothing more than an arm of the Mormon and Catholic churches, why would we expect an open and honest discussion?

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  1. The facts are that this businessman was told by his lawyer that with this so called “SSM” law, his business was at risk. You can’t never change the facts, even if you try and I am sure you will. True Marriage is now gone in Maryland. Another special interest won !!!

    • Well, while you don’t define what you mean by “true marriage,” you are wrong about it being gone. Nothing has changed except that more people can now get married to the person they love. Wow, what a fascist concept…people getting to marry the person they love. Assuming you mean heterosexual marriage, it’s not gone. The change in the law didn’t take away the right for straight people to marry. “You can’t never change the facts.” That’s a fact, straight people can still get married, that isn’t gone in Maryland. As for this guy’s business being at risk, it is not, unless, as a business person opening his doors to the public, he elects too discriminate in who he is willing to provide his public accommodation. Would you, Simon, be OK if he didn’t want to do wedding planning for black or asian couples? Is that all right with you? If it is, then you need to work to get Maryland to revoke their law against discrimination. That’s separate from the marriage issue.

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