Feb 152013
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Tony Perkins, head of SPLC designated Hate Group, The FRCWe’re going to start keeping a close eye on Tony Perkins, head of the SPLC Designated hate group, Family Research Council (FRC), and friend of White Supremacist, David Duke. Perkins is becoming more and more unhinged as gay rights continue the long arc of history towards full equality, and a black man continues as President.

Here’s his latest talking point:

It seems to me Tony’s concerned that we will be drafting women into military service. Since we Don’t currently have a military draft in this country, one can only assume that our good friend Tony here is in favor of re-instituting a military draft.

So, just to be clear, Tony Perkins of the FRC is calling for a new military draft.

Oh, but I would like to remind Tony, the President alone doesn’t have the power to do that. It would take an act of Congress, and that would include his Republican-run House. So, since he sees a new draft in our future, he obviously hates the Republicans in the House.


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