Feb 182013
Mississippi State House

Mississippi State House

As a proud southerner, I know things move slower in the south, but sometimes it’s just a bit too slow. According to the Washington Times, Mississippi is only now getting around to ratifying the 13th Amendment banning slavery in the U.S. As a friend of mine said, “Best not to rush to judgement on these things. Let cooler heads prevail and all that.”

In defense of the Mississippi Legislature, their tardiness on the issue is related, somewhat, to a communications error. Apparently each State must report the ratification to the Archivist of the United States. Apparently the Mississippi failed to do that the first time they ratified the Amendment….

…in 1995.

According to state Sen. Hillma Frazier, the Democrat who introduced the ratification resolution in 1995, “We’re very deliberate in our state. We finally got it right.” (You got that right Hillma.)

For the record, Kentucky beat them. They finally ratified the amendment in 1976. Good for you boys in KY.

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