May 012013

Bob Kellogg, a reported for the SPLC designated hate group, American Family Association, has published an article about Laurie Higgins campaign against GLSEN’s anti-bullying campaign. Every expert says that to have an impact, these initiatives have to name the kinds bullying one wants to stop, but God’s gentle person, Laurie, doesn’t want LGBT students mentioned as targets. I can only assume that means, since she has no training or expertise in the topic, that she wants to reserve the right to bully LGBT students.

Higgins is a “cultural analyst” with the fiercely anti-gay Illinois Family Institute. So what’s got Higgins’ panties all in a  wad this time? The article reports that an Illinois House Committee has approved a resolution supporting the National Day of Silence. National Day of Silence is an effort to call to students’ attention the issue of bullying, particularly as relates to LGBT student.If passed into law, lawmakers will be urged to approve strong anti-bullying laws and policies that prohibit name-calling, harassment, bullying, violence and discrimination against LGBT students and school staff.

How full of hate must a person’s heart be to oppose something like that? Well, here’s how Higgins describes her beliefs:”What they really want to do is they want to end the bullying by persuading people that homosexual acts are morally neutral or morally positive,” Higgens warns. “That’s their end gain.”

So let’s take a look at just who this person is. First off, prior to this gig, she was a high school English teacher. Now I have all the respect in the world for high school English teachers, but that doesn’t, alone, qualify one as the final word on cultural issues, and the one’s I know would be insulted to be lumped into the same group as a person who hates as virulently as Laurie does. Don’t believe she hates gay people? Well, just check her GLAADCAP Profile, where she’s said such things as:

  • Equates defeating “evil” LGBT rights movement with defeating slavery and Naziism;
  • Says people must speak out against “deviant” gays;
  • Insists marriage equality will lead to incestuous and polygamous marriage;
  • Once compared the silence of church leaders on homosexuality to the silence in the face of Nazism;
  • Compares measures designed to prevent LGBT bullying to theoretical proposals that would protect promiscuous girls, incestuous couples, or polyamorists.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture of the kind of small hate-filled world Laurie Higgins has created for herself. She’s entitled to live in whatever state she chooses, but in this case, she wants to force her world of hate on the rest of us. Another of those who give we Christians a bad name.


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