Feb 122014

I’ve meant to comment about the Coca Cola Super Bowl Ad for a while. I’ve never seen such a disgusting exhibition of hate and bigotry as erupted on social media from some Uhmerikans after this beautiful ad aired. Americans (especially conservative Americans) have proven they don’t know a damn thing about American history or what it is to be an American.

This ad had nothing (let me repeat that NOTHING) to do with politics, immigration, or official languages. Glenn Beck tried to say it was a statement to “divide” people.  He tried to perpetuate this idea that this was an “in your face” statement where, as Beck said, “…if you’re offended by it, you’re a racist.  If you do like it, you’re for immigration.  You’re for progress.  That’s all this is: to divide people.” (We can’t be for progress for God’s sake.)

Allen Clifton, in an article on Forward Progressives put’s this in blunt and accurate language, “You know who’s offended by this commercial?  Ignorant bigots.  Yes, if you’re offended that an American song might be sung by an American in a different language, you are a racist and a bigot.”

I’ve got some news for the Uhmerikans out there…everyone in America is not a straight, white, male. White Europeans were some of the first to arrive, but they found the country already inhabited by Native Americans…who, didn’t speak English. We forced them off their land, and basically committed genocide. One of the languages used in this ad is a Native American language, so how dare you fucking complain about that. They have a right to demand you speak their language.

It’s just an absolute joke to believe that a commercial meant to celebrate unity and togetherness somehow was a “ploy” to divide us because some ignorant bigots had a problem with it. And frankly, I’m tired of playing to the dumbest among us. If we have to pander to the dumbest bigots in our midst, we would have never:

  • Ended slavery
  • Given women the right vote
  • Passed the civil rights act
  • Passed Title IX

And the list goes on. And just for those of you insulted that a gay couple were included in the visuals, the song “America the Beautiful” was written by a lesbian named Katharine Lee Bates.

So seriously, just get the fuck over yourselves if you are offended by this ad. The rest of us, who have crawled out of the primordial ooze thought it was a beautiful effort.

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