Jun 022014

We watched this from Redbox on March 30.

Wow, not sure what to say about this one. I really expected I would enjoy this movie, as did Lay. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it at all. Lay would rate a little higher, but we were both disappointed.

The reason I saw this film is that it’s a Coen Brothers film–and I nearly always love their films–whether they are comedies or dramas. However, “Inside Llewyn Davis” was, for me, a completely boring film with very little to recommend it. If I hadn’t known it was a Coen film, I never would have guessed it aside from having John Goodman in an odd little role and a reference to Ulysses. It has received many good reviews, so if you’re a fan of the Coen brothers, or like their style, by all means, see it.

Llewyn Davis is a struggling fictional folk singer. Not only is he only moderately talented, he’s pretty much a bum–living off others and hoping they’ll let him sleep on their couch for a day or two. Now if he was a nice person, this could be forgiven. But, unfortunately, he’s a rather foul-mouthed guy for the early 1960s and there isn’t a lot to like or admire. This film is about a week in his life where not a lot happens. And to me, this ALL sums up why I didn’t like the film–Llewyn is a jerk and nothing of consequence happens in the movie. End of story. I kept hoping SOMETHING would happen to make it all worth watching but no such luck.

On the positive side, Oscar Isaac’s acting was good as the title character. And,….well, I guess that’s all there is on the positive side. I rarely have seen a movie so praised by critics that left me this dissatisfied.

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